Shelf Life Testing & Analysis

Shelf Life Testing & Analysis

Foods are complex and active systems where microbiological, enzymatic and physicochemical reactions take place. These reactions may affect flavor, texture and the product shelf life, which is the period for which a product will retain acceptable levels of safety and sensory qualities.

Whether your shelf life needs are to test packaging material performance, determine the preferred storage and handling conditions for your product, ensure safety, or determine an expiration code date, the attributes of concern are always related to the deterioration of the food product.

ARE offers shelf-life testing that is customized for each client, where the shelf life is monitored based on specific product characteristics. Product quality can be monitored through Sensory and Chemical analysis, for changes in flavor, smell, color or texture as well as nutritional quality or loss. Microbiological tests can monitor for growth of spoilage bacteria and the presence of pathogens, and when appropriate, inoculation studies are also available.

  • Microbiology testing
  • Sensory analysis
  • Chemical analysis: pH, water activity, rancidity, and others

Shelf Life Studies
For products where the expected shelf life is under one year, real time shelf life tests are advised, where the product is monitored for the actual length of its intended shelf life.

More Information & pricing
Price inquiries and requests for shelf life studies should be made using our shelf life submission form (120 KB). The information provided on the form will be used for cost estimates.

For more information, please contact Dr. Andréia Bianchini.