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Applied Research and Engineering

The Applied Research and Engineering (ARE) unit of The Food Processing Center serves as the ‘bridge' between fundamental research and the food industry. ARE utilizes and adapts the findings of original scientific research to meet specific industry needs. We solve practical problems and provide solutions in environments that are often complex, and require advanced research. Our research and development resources are diverse and unique. Experts in a wide range of areas, covering all major disciplines, are available to provide comprehensive assistance to the food industry. Latest analytical and laboratory resources are also available for advanced applied research projects.

Key Personnel:

Andreia Bianchini, Ph.D.
(Mycotoxins, Food Safety)

Jayne Stratton, Ph.D.
(Pathogen testing, Microbiology)

Mary-Grace Danao, Ph.D.
(High-Pressure Processing, Freeze-Drying)