• Alliance for Food Security through Reduction of Postharvest Loss and Food Waste, with research focused in the corn chain in Guatemala (Dr. Bianchini).

• Tracking Heat-Resistant, Spore-Forming Bacteria in the Milk Chain: a Farm to Table Approach, Funded by Midwest Dairy Association (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Evaluation of Antibiotic Resistance among Probiotic Cultures (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Improvement of the Safety of Wheat Flour and other Cereal Based Products (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Evaluation of E. coli Internalization in Wheat Plants (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Probiotics: Expanding their use through technology and innovation. (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton)

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of sanitation protocols. (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton)

• Development of Natural Antioxidants for Clean Label Food Products (Dr. Xu)

• Development of Value-added Probiotic-fermented Food Products (Dr. Xu)

• Development of Fast and Advanced Analytical Methods to Detect Bioactivity Compositions or Toxic Compounds in Various Foods (Dr. Xu)

• Evaluation of Phytochemicals in Various Foods (e.g. Grapes, Hops, Sorghums), Effects of Food Processing on Them, and Their Health Benefits Related to Human Obesity and Gut (Dr. Xu)

We also conduct a variety of research projects for food industry clients, but the information is not listed here due to the confidential nature of the projects.
Note: Some of the projects listed above have multiple investigators and collaborators. The ARE members, who are involved in the projects, are listed here.