Current Research


• Alliance for Food Security through Reduction of Postharvest Loss and Food Waste, with research focused in the corn chain in Guatemala (Dr. Bianchini).

• Tracking Heat-Resistant, Spore-Forming Bacteria in the Milk Chain: a Farm to Table Approach, Funded by Midwest Dairy Association (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Evaluation of Antibiotic Resistance among Probiotic Cultures (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Improvement of the Safety of Wheat Flour and other Cereal Based Products (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Evaluation of E. coli Internalization in Wheat Plants (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton).

• Probiotics: Expanding their use through technology and innovation. (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton)

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of sanitation protocols. (Drs. Bianchini & Stratton)

We also conduct a variety of research projects for food industry clients, but the information is not listed here due to the confidential nature of the projects.
Note: Some of the projects listed above have multiple investigators and collaborators. The ARE members, who are involved in the projects, are listed here.